Dva bumble bee First download the module link belowThe script does not manage rosters i.e. which users are online etc. it only enables users to chat with each other. I assume your current application already provides that functionality. You must also make sure that SESSIONusername is being set when your website session begins. You will understand the logic better after you try the sample files that I have provided.You must first create a mySQL table as below or import db.txtCREATE TABLE chat id INTEGER UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTOINCREMENT from VARCHAR255 NOT NULL DEFAULT to VARCHAR255 NOT NULL DEFAULT message TEXT NOT NULL sent DATETIME NOT NULL DEFAULT 00000000 000000 recd INTEGER UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT 0 PRIMARY KEY id INDEX to to INDEX from fromENGINE InnoDBAdd the following scripts to your page templatescript typetextjavascript srcjsjquery.jsscriptscript typetextjavascript srcjschat.jsscriptAdd the following CSS to your page templatelink typetextcss relstylesheet mediaall hrefcsschat.css link typetextcss relstylesheet mediaall hrefcssscreen.css if lte IE 7link typetextcss relstylesheet mediaall hrefcssscreenie.css endifNow in your list of users online add javascriptchatWithUSERNAME function where USERNAME is the username for that particular user who heshe wants to chat with.Once that is done edit chat.php and set your database paramete

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